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Al Jazeera America
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm EST
. officials are searching for victims of a deadly train derailment in new york city. the metro north passenger train went off the in the bronx. four are confirmed dead, 11 others are hospitalized in critical condition. >> croatia decided to ban same-sex marriage. 65% answered yes, marriage was between a man and a woman. it was supported by the croatian government. >> in ukraine - protesters took over buildings and confronted police outside the ukrainian presidential building. the president refused to back a trade agreement with the european union. he wants closer ties with russia. >> the leader of anti-government protests is giving the prime minister two days to resign. 30,000 people attacked government buildings, taking control of the state broeted caster. >> today marks 25 years since the start of world aids day. people held event. they reminded people to get tested. those are the headlines - talk to al jazeera" is next. >> the epic battle of david and goliath is depicted here in the recent series, the bible. and every child knows how the story ends. the stone from the shepherd's sling strik
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 1:00am EST
at this hour. >> investigators are looking into the train accident that killed four people in new york city. dozens were hurt when the trail derailed in the bronx. they'll look at how fast the train was going when it crashed. >> protests in the ukraine are heating up. rallies are turning violent. police have used tear gas on the demonstrators. the protests decided after the president decided to back out on a trade deal with the european union. >> in thailand protesters are calling for a nation-wide strike, demanding the resignation of the prime minister. they attacked a government building, four people were killed. >> the website is mostly fixed, says the white house. the site should be able to handle 50,000 customers at the same time. those hoping to get coverage in the new year have until december 23rd to sign up. >> officials at the smithsonian national zoo revealed the name of the 100-day-old panda club. they chose the name bow bow. i'm morgan radford. thanks you for watching. see you at 2am. it is the author's third book, since the tipping point and blink. i talked to hi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2